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Refer to Us &
Book Your Clients

To refer to us your organization needs to register with us as a referral organization.

This is easy and most importantly, free. There is no cost to either the woman you are referring or to your organization.

Once your organization is registered, any member of staff at your organization can make a referral using our online referral system.

We can usually see clients for same-day and next-day appointments.

Who We Can Help

  • We can offer interview clothing and preparation to women who have an interview or are actively working toward an interview (you might expect her to secure one very soon, for example).


  • We can offer work clothing to women who have recently rejoined the workplace, or who are beginning a training program, internship or work placement.


  • Women who have already had their job interview and secured employment may be referred to us directly for work clothing if they would have been eligible to receive interview clothing and preparation previously but were not offered this.


  • Clients should live in Chattanooga or be supported by an organization that helps women in Chattanooga.


  • If you are not sure if your client is eligible to be referred to us, contact us. We will always help where we can.

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Support You'll Receive From Us

  • You’ll be able to track your clients through our online referral system.


  • We'll text your client to let her know about and remind her of her appointment.


  • We’ll email you to let you know whether your client attended her appointment.


  • We’re on hand to answer your questions and help with referrals by phone.


  • We can come and present to your team about our services.


  • We have marketing materials available for your team and clients.

Register to Refer to Us
Become a Referral Agency Today

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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