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Clothing for Work

Clients who secure work are invited back for a 'capsule wardrobe: several outfits that she can mix and match pieces from for her first month of work.

You can refer a woman to receive a capsule wardrobe even if she was not supported by us ahead of her job interview, so long as she would be eligible for our interview preparation services and is coming out of unemployment.

We are happy to support women starting training programs, apprenticeships, and work placements.

Capsule wardrobe

Our stylists will provide your client with a 'capsule wardrobe' of several outfits for her to mix and match in her new role. This is particularly useful where she will not be paid until after her first month of work, a problem faced by many women leaving unemployment.

As with an interview preparation appointment, all items are hers to keep and will create the foundations of her working wardrobe.

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